Last Beer in Blighty


last drop

kicking and screaming


It had to be good. And it had to be in Altrincham, as that’s where I was the day before Louise and I flew to Sydney. There was only one choice: The Malt Shovels, scene of my earliest drinking days (rheumy-eyed anecdote here) and still very much a proper Northern English boozer.

The Malt Shovels is a Sam Smith’s pub so there is only one choice of draught bitter these days (Museum Ale having apparently gone the way of the Dodo and Sovereign being rarely available or advisable): Old Brewery. A 4% Yorkshire Bitter, smooth and easily drinkable, this was the beer of my youth and continues to be a favourite of mine in Sam Smith’s pubs in London. 


final english pint

final english pint


Beermat proof

Beermat proof


nearly gone

nearly gone


reality kicks in

reality kicks in

How did it taste? It tasted GREAT. And due to Sam Smith’s wondrous pricing policy, it only cost £1.34. That’s even cheaper than Toohey’s Old in an RSL.


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