16. Mountain Goat Hightail Ale

February 17, 2010


That’s actually a picture of me at The Mountain Goat Brewery, Richmond, back in November 2008 when I was visiting Melbourne for a wedding. As you can see, it was closed so Louise and I had to seek solace in The Royston Hotel just across the road. The Royston is authentically 70s in decor – it’s not kitsch, I just think it never changed – and a little disturbing in the middle of a Monday afternoon, but we had some very local beer there and also some Holgate Bitter on handpump, a rarity on two counts. Here’s some shots I took of The Royston to give you an idea.

another busy afternoon

you'd pay a fortune for lamps like this down at Camden Market

now you know why I usually have a beard

Mountain Goat Hightail and Steam Ales are quite easy to get in Sydney, their Surefoot Stout less so (I’ve had bottles of it at The Australian a couple of times). The other night a six-pack of their signature Hightail came home with me.

It’s ok. You can read all the florid descriptions at the link above but it didn’t really grab me. Now the Stout, I like. But I’ve not had that this year so I can’t write about it yet. One day I’ll be able to work out a work trip to Melbourne so I can stay down on a Wednesday night and see how Dave and Cam roll. East (Melbourne) side.