Bloody oath it’s a custom

March 22, 2010

This’ll make it’s way over onto Aussie Beer 101, but I wanted to draw attention to a wonderful clip from They’re A Weird Mob, the 1966 Powell/Pressburger film of the 1957 Nino Culotta (aka John O’Grady) novel. So now you know what a shout is. Great film, by the way, which I recommend wholeheartedly to those about to visit the country for the first time. It’s a man’s country, sweetheart.

Apparently the Marble Bar, where the scene was filmed, is now in the Sydney Hilton. I must go. And yes, that is a young Helen Daniels off Neighbours serving the drinks. There are only 12 Australian actors, you see, so they have to play whatever roles they’re given.

More clips from the film here.