The Verdict

It seems a bit crazy to be ranking the beers I drank five years ago, but I think it’s worth finishing the job and at least triaging the list into some categories:

The good stuff
These are the beers that I would seek out again, and recommend to others:

2. Knappstein Reserve Lager
5. Mad Abbot Dubbel (all Little Brewery/Mad Abbot beers are worthy of your consideration)
27. James Squire Mad Brewers Orchard Ale (too bad they haven’t made it again)
51. Wig and Pen Pale Ale
52. Wig and Pen IPA (just get to the Wig and Pen already)
64. Sail & Anchor Brass Monkey Stout (if you’re stuck in WA)
70. Holgate Temptress Chocolate Porter
73. 3 Ravens Ale Noir (if they still make it)

The safe standbys
These are all solid choices, if nothing fancy:

4. Tooheys Old
11. Carlton Black
12. Coopers Pale Ale
18. Coopers Sparkling Ale
23. Resch’s Draught
31. Temple Saison
35. Coopers’ Extra Stout
43. Zierholz German Beer
53. Wig and Pen Cream Stout
80. Abbotsford Invalid Stout
81. Grand Ridge Moonshine (if you’re on a mission)
90. Pepperjack

Don’t even think about it
These should be avoided at all costs. If there’s no other option, have a lemon lime and bitters.

21. Toohey’s New
32. VB
33. Carlton Draught
34. Platinum Blonde
37. Redoak Oatmeal Stout
38. Pure Blonde
41. Boags Draught
42. Cascade Draught
45. Redoak Bitter
46. Cascade Light
62. Swan Draught
77. Baron’s Brewing 88 Balls (although I’m pretty sure they don’t make this any more)
79. Balmain Pale Ale (because it is offensively otiose)
93. Hahn Super Dry
95. some bad raspberry stuff at Y&J (just avoid fruit beers entirely, to be safe)

The others
I’ve given you 20 beers I can get behind and 15 beers you should never drink. The other 62 Australian beers I sampled over the course of 2010 may be your cup of tea or they may not. Some of them are bland but serviceable, others a decent attempt but nothing worth writing home about. My opinion about them en masse is that I’ve drunk them (at least) once but have no immediate desire to drink them again. In some cases this is good as they’re not made any more…

1. Coopers Mild Ale
3. James Squire Sundown Lager
6. James Squire Golden Ale
7. James Squire Governor King
8. Jame Squire Craic
9. James Squire Choc Bock
10. Hargreaves Hill Stout
13. Stone & Wood Ale
14. Burleigh Heads Hefe
15. Sunshine Coast Best Bitter
16. Mountain Goat Hightail Ale
17. Wicked Elf Tripel
19. James Squire Amber Ale
20. Matilda Bay Fat Yak Ale
22. White Rabbit Dark Ale
24. The Lord Nelson Old Admiral
25. Hatlifter Stout
26. James Squire Porter
28. Holgate Road Trip IPA
29. Feral Barrel aged Saison
30. Temple Saison through a Randall
36. Mildura Wee Heavy
39. Little Creatures Rogers Ale
40. Moo Brew Pilsener
44. Zierholz Swill
47. James Boag’s Wizard Smith Ale
48. Moo Brew Dark Ale
49. Huon Dark Ale
50. Iron House Porter
54. Rocks Brewing Co 1809 Pale Ale
55. Rocks Brewing Co Cribb’s Porter
56. Temple Soba Ale
57. Murray’s Punch and Judy English bitter ale
58. Wig and Pen Big Ass
59. Paddy’s Pilsener
60. Rocks Brewing Co Byrne’s Red Ale
61. Paddy’s Old Regret
63. Sail ESB
65. Little Creatures Single Batch India Pale Ale
66. Northern Rivers Stout.
67. Stone and Wood Pacific Ale
68. Mrs Parma’s Temple Special Bitter
69. Gippsland Gold
71. Holgate Double Trouble
72. 3 Ravens Dark Smoke
74. Hahn Premium
75. Prickly Moses Otway Stout
76. 3 Ravens Black Stout
78. Burleigh Heads My Wife’s Bitter
82. Redoak Kristalweizen
83. Redoak Kolsch
84. Redoak Pale Ale
85. Redoak IPA
86. Little Creatures Oatmeal Stout
87. Temple Saison de Miel
88. Bridge Roads Robust Porter
89. Beer Diva Saison
91. James Squire Mad Brewers Noir Stout
92. Crow Wheater
94. Matilda Bay Bohemian Pilsener
96. Wig and Pen IPA through Randall with raspberries
97. Matilda Bay Alpha Ale


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