90-97. December roundup

A final entry then, to cover the new beers I drank in December 2010.

90. Pepperjack Ale. An amber ale apparently with a bit of shiraz “wine” (actually grape juice) added for flavour. A nice beer, which I’d drunk early in my time in Australia and also managed to get in as a replacement for Fosters on my wedding day. Bottles only, made in a SA winery.

91. James Squire Mad Brewers Noir Stout. Another in Squire’s experimental series, this was heavy on the coffee. I think I liked it.

92. Crow Wheater. In 2010 I lived literally a stone’s throw away from the legendary Crows Nest Hotel, which every Friday and Saturday night would be full of the North Shore’s finest young people drinking themselves into oblivion and copping off with each other. The rest of the week it was a pretty non-descript place with pretensions – the $20+ schnitzel bar they had in there for a while, for instance. In late 2010 they decided to jump on the craft beer bandwagon and opened a Craft Beer Bar, which on inspection turned out to be a few uninspiring taps around the back of the main bar. I popped in there one evening and, once I’d managed to get someone to come over and serve me, I had a schooner of their Crow Wheater, a wheat beer supposedly brewed especially for them by an undisclosed brewer. It was ok. The bar didn’t last long as the clientele weren’t ready to give up their Crownies and overpriced schmiddies of Asahi for that weird craft stuff just yet.

93. Hahn Super Dry. NFFEF’s favourite drink, of course. I drank this at the Australian Training Awards, held that year in Sydney. I have no recollection of the event or the beer.

94. Matilda Bay Bohemian Pilsener. No idea what this taste like or where I drank it but it may have been at Young & Jacksons in Melbourne, as the next beer is linked to this one in my notes.

95. “some bad raspberry stuff at Y&J”. I do remember this. It was an afternoon of what had probably been a day trip to Melbourne and I was killing time before getting a cab back to the airport. I can’t remember the name of the beer but I do remember it tasted vile.

96. Wig & Pen IPA through Randall with raspberries. I think this was another day trip, this time to Canberra, as this was another afternoon swifty. I’d had the Wig & Pen’s IPA before during 2010 but not with the beer forced through a chamber stuffed with raspberries. I recall it working rather well.

97. Matilda Bay Alpha Ale. And for my last new beer of the year…something pretty bog-standard. My notes state that it’s “like Little Creatures only a bit maltier.” I’ve not had it since.


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