87-89. Beers Deluxe, Robust and Diva-esque

October brought another trip to Melbourne, and another visit to Beer Deluxe (but no inadvertent thievery). I sampled 87. Temple Saison de Miel, which apparently was “Very nice, but $12 a glass”. This didn’t stop me having two.

I then popped across the road to have a squiz at Chloe in Young & Jacksons and had a pint of 88. Bridge Roads Robust Porter, which my notes tell me only cost $8.90 and tasted of “chocolate, malt, all good if a bit cold”. In the upstairs bar Bridge Roads had a monopoly on the taps but I didn’t try anything else. Perhaps it was late.

Not long after this I dropped into Harts again and the only new beer I had here was 89. Beer Diva Saison. Apparently this was “Not too bad.4.7%”.


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