82-86. Redoak (plus a cheeky one at Harts)

My feelings about Redoak beer have been made clear before. However, Louise brought me a beer-matching dinner here for my birthday so I looked forward to seeing how that went. The food and the company was lovely. The beers…

82. Redoak Kristalweizen
Redoak Bitter (no number as I’d sampled it earlier in the year)
83. Redoak Kolsch
84. Redoak Pale ale
Redoak Oatmeal Stout (no number as I’d sampled it earlier in the year)
85. Redoak IPA

…were fine, nothing outstanding but fine, until we got to the Oatmeal Stout. On and on our host went about the flavours we were supposed to be tasting, but we couldn’t as it was too cold. The Dutch guy sitting opposite us asked our host why they served the beers so cold, and was told that that was the way Australians liked their beer. The Dutchman looked quizzically at me “but…can you taste the roasty flavours, the coffee and so on?”. “No”, I replied, “because it’s too cold”.

Louise and I dashed up to Harts for a cheeky one for the road and I had 86. Little Creatures Oatmeal Stout, a limited edition brew on draught. From what I remember it was quite nice, and slightly closer to cellar temperature.


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