77-81. Miscellaneous bottles

These were all drunk at home during the second half of 2010. I have no notes about these but my scant recollections follow…

77. Baron’s Brewing 88 Balls. Actually, I do have notes about this one – two words: “well named”. This was supposedly brewed in Belgium for Baron’s as a Belgian-style pale ale but was thin, insipid rubbish. Baron’s appear to have been subsumed into something called the Great Southern Brewing Company, but the GSBC’s website is copyright 2013 and shows no signs of being current and Baron’s Facebook page’s last entry is 2011. I don’t think we can expect anything more from them in the future.

78. Burleigh Heads My Wife’s Bitter. This is supposedly an English-style ale, which at the time was a limited release in larger bottles but is now widely available in standard bottles. Nothing to write home about, as I recall, and I’ve not been minded to try it since.

79. Balmain Pale Ale. Generic pale ale with a trendy Sydney suburb as its title. Their website makes a lot of fuss about mateship and how wonderful Balmain is. Dull dull dull.

80. Abbotsford Invalid Stout. A reminder of the olden days. The Abbotsford Brewery in Melbourne was taken over by Carlton in 1925 and this is the last beer to carry Abbotsford’s name, although plenty of CUB Beers are brewed at Abbotsford these days. Whether the beer tastes anything like it used to I don’t know, but it’s a sweetish, not too thick stout. It’s not usually found outside Victoria and the rumour is that the only reason CUB keep brewing it is to keep the historic “Abbotsford” name in case they want to use it for something else in the future –they can prove they’ve been brewing beers with that name ever since they took it over. I first drank this on my first visit to Melbourne, a month or so after I’d moved to Australia, when we went down there for a wedding and the Melbourne Cup. The hotel we were staying in hadn’t been renovated since the eighties (at best) so drinking a longneck of this stuff in there created a very retro atmosphere. It’s nice that this is still around.

81. Grand Ridge Moonshine. Described as a “dessert beer” on their website, it’s a strong Scotch Ale. Quite nice, and I’ve revisited this one occasionally when stuck in Dan Murphy’s or 1st Choice with no better option. I’ve not yet followed the website’s advice to ”enjoy with a lover and chocolates of the highest calibre” though.


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