47-50. Tasmanian Tetralogy

The unusual suspects

From here things get a bit easier, I think. Realising that I was not going to get around to blogging about these beers at the pace I was drinking them I started to take notes on a more frequent basis – and the purchase of an iPhone with handy “notes” feature helped facilitate this.

That being said, I think I made these notes straight onto the computer as I tasted these four Tasmanian beers I had bought back from Hobart. Just around the corner from the hotel I was staying in was the very decent  Gasworks 9/11 Bottleshop and I snuck over there in a few minutes I had to myself and snagged four local brews to take home with me. There now follows original notes and 2012 commentary.

47. James Boag’s Wizard Smith Ale

Photographing beer bottles isn't one of my strengths

Like a JS Amber Ale but less sweet. Aley aftertaste. Barley taste as it gets warmer. Not overcarbonated. 5% “special English Ale”. Pretty much.

“Pretty much” what? Pretty much a special English Ale I suppose. Who is or was “Wizard Smith”? There’s a (made-up?) legend that goes with this beer, of course:

“In 1929 the Great Flood swamped much of Launceston without warning. Wizard Smith, J. Boag & Son’s drayman, at great risk to himself sought to save the brewery horses. Riding his pushbike until he could go no further, he plunged into the rising floodwaters and swam into the stables, successfully leading the horses to dry ground. For his bravery Wizard was rewarded with a job for life.

Yeah yeah. This James Boags beer will apparently be available on the mainland in February 2012. I’m looking forward to tasting it again.

48. Moo Brew Dark Ale

This one's better though

Roasty, hints of coffee, slight (rasp)berry flavour as it warms, flintiness (cf. Old) too, ruby dark colour, just off-white head disappears v quickly. Moorilla Winery. 5.0%. V nice but too roasty to drink all night. Old grown up.

As in Toohey’s Old grown up, not as in someone’s grandfather. I mentioned Moo Brew in my earlier Tasmanian post. Very nice beer, available in very selected outlets on the mainland and worth the boutique price.

49. Huon Dark Ale

I'm not sure what effect I was trying for here


As in “off”, not any other weird Urban Dictionary definition. Which was a pity (the offness, not the potential for definitional confusion). I suppose I shouldn’t really count this as a beer I tasted, but I did pay for it and was disappointed to pour out a flat, vinegary liquid. Someone needs to sort out their quality control.

50. Iron House Porter


Skunked, but not quite so much.

Maybe it was the bottlo – or just bad luck. But this was undrinkable too.


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