18. Coopers Sparkling Ale

authentically australian ale

Australia has given much of value to the world.  The Chappell Brothers. Kylie. Gideon Haigh. Meat Pie Floaters. And Australian Sparkling Ale, the only authentically Australian-originated beer style, harking back to Thomas Cooper’s 1862 brew made for his ailing wife Ann. She liked it, and encourage him to bottle and sell it. And thus was an empire born.

Cooper’s (where does the apostrophe go? There’s none on the label but the man’s name was Cooper, not Coopers) Sparkling Ale is golden but hazy, given the yeast each bottle (and cask) contain for refermentation purposes. Malty, hoppy (but not overtly so), drinkable blah blah blah.  At 5.8% it’s on the top end of sessionable, so god bless the brewery for making its livery red as opposed to the green of their Pale Ale. That way I know that a night on the Pale Ale is go, but to stop before I go crazy on the Sparkling.


2 Responses to 18. Coopers Sparkling Ale

  1. Dave says:

    Sounds fizzy, but I’d be delighted to try some if only I weren’t half a planet away.
    Incidentally, is a meat pie floater really a pukka-type pie in pea soup with some HP sauce on top?

  2. alastairwilson says:

    Tomato sauce (or “dead horse”, if you like), Dave, but yes, it is. And mighty fine it is too.

    Harry’s Cafe de Wheels (in Wooloomooloo and other Sydney locations) do a version where you have a pie with a big scoop of mashed potato on top, then the server uses his or her metal scoop to make an indentation on top of the potato which is then filled with mushy peas and finished off with gravy. That’s my favourite.

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