15. Sunshine Coast Best Bitter

other Sunshine Coast beers are available

Through a door from The Platform Bar is Grand Central Cellars, one of those bottlos you both wish was next door to your house but also, both for health and financial reasons, are glad isn’t. It has a great range of local and imported beers, including some very expensive (and no doubt EXTREME) limited edition Rogue beers which I’m in no hurry to try.

Wanting to make sure I tried another local brew I opted for a bottle of Sunshine Coast Best Bitter. The knowledgeable and friendly salesman pointed out that it was the Sunshine Coast Brewery‘s other beer, their Summer Beer, which had recently won an award. But I was interested in what they’d make of doing a Bitter, having not had a decent one since I left England and stuck with my original choice.

So, it’s copper in colour, with a pronounced bitterness – ooh, about 33 IBU I reckon. From the first taste I’d say they use a mixture of Pale, Munich, Crystal and Wheat malts and I was definitely tasting a cocktail of Sauvin, Amarillo and Goldings hops.

Well, that’s what the unusually informative label on the bottle told me anyway. My real experience was that it had a sweet maltiness, was fruity, and a little biscuity. Reminiscent of some English bitters but I couldn’t tell you which ones.

I couldn’t leave such a bonza bottlo without taking home with me a couple of imports and I settled on 15a. Saison Dupont,one of my all-time favourite Belgians (in a 750ml bottle) and 15b.  Meantime High Saison, which the salesguy informed me taste of “flowers”. He wasn’t far wrong. I had bottle 385 of a limited edition of 1320, trainspotters.


2 Responses to 15. Sunshine Coast Best Bitter

  1. Brian Marley says:

    Am I right in thinking that you’ve been offered possibly the best job in the world, one that requires of you almost nothing but to swan round the far-flung territories of Oz, sup various local beers, photograph the bottles (or yourself hefting a glass containing the refreshing contents of one of the bottles), make a few cheery (well, who wouldn’t be), beery comments (which, I admit, are well worth reading), and the only potential wrinkle on the horizon is the beerless, thirst-inducing journey to the next pub on your list? No wonder you don’t miss Blighty.

  2. alastairwilson says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Trips to Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Hobart and Adelaide on the radar for the next two months. Cheers!

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