3. James Squire Sundown Lager

times 24!No, I didn’t buy a carton. Just a six-pack.

James Squire bought this beer in as a limited release last summer, supposedly hoping to tease lager drinkers towards more full-flavoured beers. It obviously was very popular as the label has been redesigned (one of the reasons why I can’t find an up-to-date picture of a bottle on the web) and it’s been relaunched as a year-round, but quintessentially summer, brew.

I don’t think confirmed lager drinkers would use it a as gateway beer though – in fact I think that’s a false premise. People who don’t drink ales mainly don’t drink them because they don’t like them. The idea of converting people suggests that lagers as a whole are inferior in some way and that’s  not the case. There are plenty of very average ales available too.

Tastes pretty good, but nothing special. Bitter, slight citrus taste. Easy to drink, 4.4% and $16 a six at Cellarbrations, another of Crows Nest’s fine collection of bottlos. Does the job, nothing more.


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