1. Coopers Mild Ale


An odd one to start the year off with. I first encountered this newish addition to South Australia’s Coopers stable in The Oaks with Squiresy, Lorks and some people who aren’t English in September last year, late into one hell of a Leo. It was on draft, I drank a couple of schooners, spilt half of one over my trousers, and got taken home by Louise. My memory of the beer itself was that it was nothing like a typical English mild, not particularly sweet and a bit fizzy.

Now that I’ve found it in bottles I’ve bought it a few times when I just want a “no-brainer” beer. You know, you drink it but you don’t really notice. Not too strong , but has a beer taste and refreshes. It’s technically a mid-strength beer, a type of beer at 3-4% that is remarkably popular in Queensland and Western Australia, where they know what a thirst is, but not big in NSW and other more temperate climes. It’s nice to read that Coopers don’t adulterate full-strength beer to make their Mild as others do, but brew it at 3.5% on purpose. You know, like real brewers do. Like all Coopers ales, it re-ferments in the bottle so it’s a living product too.

So, if I was to describe it, I’d say it was a fizzy, light-coloured, medium-bodied session ale with no pretensions. Oh, and at A$11.50 for 6 stubbies it’s the cheapest thing in BWS that I’d actually drink. Apparently it’s also available in cans, although I don’t know if they leave the yeast in those so it might taste a bit different.


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