*The* Zaphod Beeblebox?

Taylor Walker

Taylor Walker

Sometimes namesakes happen by accident. I had a friend at school called Neil Bowie, whose elder brother was called David. His parents had the excuse of being (a) not particularly hip, and (b) producing their own David Bowie in 1967, before the Laughing Gnome had become a household name. The parents of my sister’s 1980s-era schoolfriend Elizabeth Taylor perhaps had fewer excuses.

Anyway, imagine my delight at discovering there is a current Aussie Rules player called Taylor Walker. Mr and Mrs Walker, living as they did in Broken Hill, were probably unaware that there was a London brewery of that name between 1781 and 1959, and that you can still see pub signs and paraphenalia carrying that name around London today as Carlsberg-Tetley, who now own the name, still used the brand until relatively recently.

I’m now off to try and convince Louise that we need to change our last name to Perkins so that we can name our first-born Barclay. Works for either a boy or a girl, I’d say.

Also Taylor Walker

Also Taylor Walker


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