Aussie Hot 100

The Local Taphouse, Melbourne’s best pub (and soon to open a branch in Sydney), has compiled a list of the 100 favourite Australian beers as voted for by “hundreds of people… from around Australia”. I’d suggest that this was not a sample worked out to adequately represent every beer-drinking person in Australia, otherwise the list would have been very different. Still, it gives me a few names to conjure with, and something to argue with in due course.

The full list is here, but, to aid the lazy, here’s the top twenty without the need to click:

1 Little Creatures Pale Ale
2 Murray’s Icon 2IPA
3 Mountain Goat Hightail Ale
4 Knappstein Reserve Lager
5 Little Creatures Bright Ale
6 James Squire Golden Ale
7 Coopers Sparkling Ale
8 Coopers Pale Ale
9 Holgate Mt Macedon Pale Ale
10 James Squire Amber Ale
11 Jamieson ‘The Beast’ IPA
12 Murray’s Nirvana Pale Ale
13 Holgate ESB
14 Hargreaves Hill ESB
15 Murray’s Grand Cru
16 Nail Stout
17 Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale
18 Holgate Hopinator Double IPA, Red Hill Imperial Stout
20 Moo Brew Pale Ale

Looks like I picked a winner to drink on my first night out here, then! I’ve drunk 9 of those top twenty and, the Little Creatures Bright Ale apart, wouldn’t argue that they were decent beers.  I’d argue that James Squire Amber is superior to the Golden though. But anyway…

I think I run to 23 of the hot 100. Plenty of work for me to do then. Nice to see my session favourite, Toohey’s Old, sneak in at 99.  Oh look, no Cascade beers at all!

5 Responses to Aussie Hot 100

  1. Julian says:

    One you’ve got to get around to is the Enterprise Brewery Knappstein Reserve Lager. It packs an unexpected punch, at 5.6%, and the bottles are a bit pricey, but down Manly on a Sunday Session you can’t say fairer. It’s sort of an easy drinking lager from SA, very hoppy and a small taste of tart. Roll on March – 26 days & counting – and I’ll be back with one of these in my hands. It makes wading through the snow of a mourning so much easier to deal with.

  2. I was lucky enough to be at The Local Taphouse for SpecTAPular and the Knappstein on tap is a cracker – but the finish is so much more bitter, it sucked the saliva off our tongues! Certainly cleansed the palate and set us up for the next one.

    Agree with the JS Amber vs the Golden Ale – because so many people submitted top tens, the results were probably skewed to more ‘available’ or ‘session’ beers.

    Good luck getting through the rest of the top 100!

    Prof. Pilsner

  3. musingmonkey says:

    I really liked the Golden Ale when I visited back home a couple of years back. It was the only Australian beer I remember tasting that used Amarillo hops, one of my favourites. It worked perfectly with the good Thai food that’s everywhere to be found.

  4. alastairwilson says:

    Julian and Prof: your comments influenced me to try the Knappstein so I bought a fourer (true sign of a boutique beer) the other day. Very impressed, and will look out for it on draught – hopefully at the Sydney Taphouse when it opens (can’t wait).

    Damien: Not drunk much Golden but I can see how it would work with Thai food.

  5. TCMJ says:

    Some of those names are a bit lacking in imagination. Remember Fursty Ferret, or Pickled Partridge?

    Pissed Platypus, perhaps?

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