Warka Warka

Fozzie probably doesnt realise that this gesture is offensive to non-Americans

Fozzie probably doesn't realise that this gesture is offensive to non-Americans

In the comments on my Kent Brewery post, Megan (of Burwood) asked me to keep my eye out for Warka Strong, a Polish beer she was fond of but having trouble finding in Sydney. Well, I took my first trip to 1st Choice Liquor on Willoughby Road, Naremburn yesterday (on the 273 bus route), and amongst the fine selection of local and imported bottles… there it was.

I bought a bottle ($4.something) to see what Megan might like about it and I was pleasantly surprised. Most Polish beers I’ve tried before have been dull lagers or dull strong lagers. This is strong  (7%, about 2.6 standard drinks in a 500ml bottle) but not dull at all, with a vaguely Belgian witbier taste. Heavy on the banana aroma too which means that it’s safe from Louise. I’d drink it again.

It looks like 1st Choice have a new branch at 158 Liverpool Road in Ashfield, which my sources tell me is quite near Burwood.  With any luck they’ll have Warka there too! I love a happy ending.


2 Responses to Warka Warka

  1. robert says:

    Oh I bet Fozzie is well aware; the Muppet Show was produced in England you know.

    Anyway I recently had the Alaskan Barley Wine which I have to say is right up there in my (short) list of quaffable barley wines. Good robust flavor with a nice bite from its 10.4abv.

    I’ve never gotten that into Polish beers either. The most disappointing to me are those dark lagers they bill as “porters”.

  2. alastairwilson says:

    I seem to remember knowing that…but of course the Muppets themselves were never allowed out of the studios to mix with the indigenous culture 🙂

    The warming strong ales must be a boon with the weather you’re having over there, Robert.

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