Photo Essay: Kent Brewery

Kent Brewery 1

Kent Brewery 2

Kent Brewery 3

Kent Brewery 4

Kent Brewery 5

These are pictures of the Kent Brewery site on Broadway, Chippendale, just down the road from Central Station, taken earlier this month.

The Kent Brewery was opened in 1835 by Sydney’s original big brewery, Tooth and Co. In 1983 Carlton & United (CUB) took over Tooth’s and brewed VB and Foster’s (amongst other things) here. In 2003, it was sold to developers and finally shut in 2005, the beers formerly brewed there now being brewed in Victoria and Queensland on cheaper real estate, I’d imagine. It will eventually be the usual mix of swanky apartments and retail/office space. Details of the closure announcement are here and more history than you might ever need to know is here. You’ll be pleased to hear that the gates (pictured in the last two pictures above) will remain, although I bet they wash off the residue on the tiles from the original “Tooth & Co Limited Kent Brewery” lettering, which you can still just about see.

The last picture above was a prize-winner in the second annual A Good Beer Blog / Stonch’s Beer Blog Xmas Photo Competition. Thanks Alan and Jeff! I’d never heard of Beaus’s All Natural Brewing Company before but I’m looking forward to receiving their t-shirt and hat in due course.


4 Responses to Photo Essay: Kent Brewery

  1. Megan says:

    Beer man, if you come across somewhere to buy Warka Strong (it’s a Polish beer) in Sydney please let me know, I am on the search. Megan (of Burwood)

  2. alastairwilson says:

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled, Megan (of Burwood). If you have Polish delis here, always have a look in their fridge – you never know.

  3. MarkR says:

    This is all very useful for my upcoming trip!! Taphouse in St Kilda is defo getting a visit from the Rogerson clan, kids included. They can sit outside with coke and crisps, just like I had to many moons ago!!

  4. alastairwilson says:

    I’m sure they’ll let them in the beer garden on the roof! Be warned – it’s in East St Kilda, on the bus route into the city. Definitely worth a visit. They’re opening a Sydney branch soon, too.

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